Diva Love Rider Sex Machine


129 800 Ft


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Diva Love Rider Sex Machine
Diva Love Rider Sex Machine

129 800 Ft


The Love Rider Sex Machine is extremely quiet; it is the most amazing and most comfortable ride you’ll ever have. You control the thrusting speed with mechanical-motion, actuator connections.The swinging hidden arms are set in a pendelum0like motion by gently flexing your legs. Very little leg power is needed as it almost propels itlsef without any electrical help due to its mechanical-motion, connecting arms. It is perfect for both single use or with a partner. Experience epic orgasms.Easy friction connection knob enables you to choose a variety of different styles of attachments. The pendelum-action, thrusting dildo enables sizzling stimulation.The Love Rider Sex Machine comes with 2 attachments for a variety of pleasures. You can easily change the angle of penetration by the way you sit on your Love Rider Sex Machine.It is fully assembled when you receive it.

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